Evolution of organismal stoichiometry in a long-term

leading to a higher proportion of the element increased from 1.9 to 2.3% (p<0.001). It may be that carbon-use efficiency (the

DNA methylation map in circulating leukocytes mirrors

Among these CpGs, 13 exhibited high methylation levels, and 66 exhibited <0.001), PODXL (r=0.70; p<0.001) and SMAD3 (r=0.74; p<0.001

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Chronic Effects of Fusarium Mycotoxins in Rations with or

(CON30 and MYC30) or high (CON60 and MYC603.69 3.89 0.10 <0.001 0.12 0.58 0.28 RQUICKI: revised quantitative insulin ivity

of a laser fluorescence device and digital radiography in

significantly higher than that of digital bitewing radiography (P<0.001). (iii) with cavitated caries lesion (score 2=loss of integrity of the

The prevalence and impact of Fusarium head blight pathogens

the harvest in 2010 had higher concentrations of TargetPrimer nameSequence (5′–3′)Efficiency in 2010 compared to 2011 (P < 0.001)

High Efficiency Gene Engineering Strain WG-001

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Exploring the Role of Brain Oscillations in Speech Perception

higher level linguistic cues such as syntactic efficiency are interactively aligned to important (r = −0.28, p < 0.001) and similarly

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r=0.373, 95% CI 0.322–0.420, p<0.001,3: model 2+ eGFR; model 4A: model 3+ individuals with T2DM, for reasons of efficiency

Electronic alerts, comparative practitioner metrics, and

FULL TEXT Abstract: Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis remains underutilized in hospitalized medical patients at high risk for venous thromboembolism. We

The Impact of Road Construction on Subjective Well-Being in

FULL TEXT Abstract: The interoceanic highway (IOH) in Madre de Dios, Peru has driven dramatic change in the Peruvian Amazon basin. We conducted a

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Reductions, Three Gains (3R3G) Technology in South Vietnam

PDF | The aim of the “Three Reductions, Three Gains” (3R3G) project is to reduce production costs, improve farmers’ health, and protect the

Laboratories Technical Report 001-67 by Evans, G.W.,III (R

AbeBooks.com: A Statistical Design and Analysis for ivity Experiments Poulter Laboratories Technical Report 001-67: (full book description) Stanford

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K+ transporter gene contributing to salt tolerance in

higher salt-tolerance, because the expression responding to salt stress [1, 2, 3, 4].of ≥2-fold and adjusted P-value ≤0.001

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to Increased Organic Carbon and Nutrient Loading in a

high protein, phospholipid, and nucleic acid (GLMM; F 1,54=26.641, p< 0.001; Fig. Fig. 3 Rates of bacterial respiration (BR)

Modulation of anxiety and fear via distinct intrahippocampal

Recent findings indicate a high level of specialization at the level of CA1 F(3,16)=10.66 p<0.001 F(3,16)=0.10 p=0.96 F(3,16)=2

R J Scheper's research works | Amsterdam University Medical

R J Scheper's 307 research works with 14,822 citations and 1,001 reads, including: Increased epidermal thickness and abnormal epidermal differentiation in

Impact of baseline covariates on the immunogenicity of the 9-

high amino acid sequence identity [92%] between (3) have a post-dose 3 serology result within001, 002 and 009, were excluded from per-

Heterogeneous distribution of k13 mutations in Plasmodium

3 (H03), and blue with R539T represents observed in Sekong (adjacent to Vietnam) [< 0.001 1.57 1.14–2.16 0.006 2.57

Affective and Cognitive Orientations in Intergroup Perception

which are stereotyped as high on one of the Studies 2 and 3 replicated this pattern for ***Significant at .001 level. For the attribute

Brain function characteristics of chronic fatigue syndrome: A

1994) and three subjects with body mass index (BMI) higher than 35 R A40rd_IPL 1.55 (0.22) 1.73 (0.2) 0.001 0.007 <0.001 L

distance decay from the links and nodes of rail and high

highway exits on all three classes of (Constant) 3.050 0.913 0.001 3.811 1.00.033 0.656 − 0.043 0.037 0.238

and Time Invariance of Default Mode Network Deviations in

(3) heritability, (4) co-segregation with technique for testing network efficiency and % 15.76% 76.09% 12.78% t(69) = 0.001

Affective and Cognitive Orientations in Intergroup Perception

which are stereotyped as high on one of the Studies 2 and 3 replicated this pattern for ***Significant at .001 level. For the attribute