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for Anopheles albimanus versus An. pseudopunctipennis, in

25-B versus Vk210/Pvs25-A (P < 0.001)northern Peru and the Caribbean Islands [2].472) 5'-CAG TTT CTC CCG TTT TGG TA-3' — free image hosting / image upload — Post

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Education Modifies the Association of Wealth with Obesity in

(Colombia, Peru, Jordan, and Egypt), an economic development [3], [4], [5], [6]. small number of variables [4], [5], [7],

Ashoka | Everyone a Changemaker |

A global organization that identifies and invests in leading social entrepreneurs -- individuals with innovative and practical ideas for solving social proble

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| The Effects of Electrification on School Enrollment in

This paper aims to show the impact of access to electricity on school enrollment in Bangladesh. It offers an empirical investigation of the relationship

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Modulation of anxiety and fear via distinct intrahippocampal

Elif Engin,1,2,* Kiersten S Smith,1,2 Yudong Gao,3 David Nagy,4 1.49 p=0.23 F(1,38)=9.38 p=0.004 F(1,38)=107.96 p<0.001

Heritability in frontotemporal tauopathies - Europe PMC

(3-repeat or 4-repeat tau), morphology of (note: small vessel cerebrovascular and white Nature. 1998;393:702–705. [PubMed] 6

of the Epstein-Barr virus-associated gastric carcinoma in

among studies (I2 = 73.3%; p < 0.001).(2005) Peru 10/254 (3.9%) 5/115 5/123 1small non-coding RNAs that bind to host proteins

Sensing Emotion in Voices: Negativity Bias and Gender

Results demonstrated small but significant effects (GADQ) scales, r = .66, p < .001, so categories (all p’s > .05, see Table 3)

Executive Function Abilities Across the Adult Lifespan in

2017). In a recent small study examining executive function in middle(executive control) from the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale III or

Well-Being in Communities in Madre de Dios, Peru - Europe

Peru has driven dramatic change in the Peruvian (3, 5) 0.18 (0.07, 0.28)(p = 0.001)“health campaigns because of the small number of

HIV-infected children receiving decentralized care in

drug, and 40% to two out of the three. small number of children in some of them, In Peru, it was shown that brief exposure

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max min CE CEQ V T13.3 9615 . 04 . 1 . 1 = = = EQ CQ I 04 . = = BQ mA 25 1 = = = = = = 650 001 . from ECE 3710 at Georgia

to Increased Organic Carbon and Nutrient Loading in a

Despite representing a small area of the global ocean, coastal zones are  0.001; Fig. 3a), additions of C+P increased BR rates by 3.9

Effect of Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 in Pregnancy on Post

HN001 (HN001) given in pregnancy and postpartumsmall intestine or on the adherent mucosal gut treatment groups (HN001 3.6% vs. placebo 3.2%

high-burden diseases in low- and middle-income countries |

Stigma is associated with health conditions that drive disease burden in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), including HIV, tuberculosis,

Genetics of Resistance and Pathogenicity in the Maize/Setosph

which has only a small impact on disease 3, and the races 3N, 123, 23, 2, 13, 23 Peru Chloroses Hooker, 1963, 1977; Ullstrup,

to Increased Organic Carbon and Nutrient Loading in a

Despite representing a small area of the global ocean, coastal zones are  0.001; Fig. 3a), additions of C+P increased BR rates by 3.9

Screening for bipolar disorder among migraineurs: the impact

P=0.001) and MIDAS scores >30 (OR, 3.69headache and 175 out of 393 patients had MDQ, HSL-32-R, and MIDAS scale scores MDQ

Akaike's Information Criterion in Generalized Estimating

(PROMISE) cohort, Diabetologia, 10.1007/s00125-Nolin, Natalie Boelman and Laura R. Prugh, Saskatchewan, Canada, Sinusitis, 3, 1, (2),

and characterization of small-scale fisheries in Peru

of small-scale fisheries (SSF) in Peru. (i) driftnets, (ii) bottom set nets, (iii)11393, n=21) Trip cost ($US) 592.6±20.6

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caesarean delivery: a retrospective cohort study from Peru

such as low birth weight and small-for-(Instituto Nacional Materno-Perinatal, Lima, Peru(4.9 versus 3.4%, p<0.001), and spontaneous


2014110-25652-2000-3PS-M000-M0002-Att001r001v2_0 - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or read online for free. P. 125652-2000-3


(relative to putatively neutral markers; R. small dot of fluorescent red (lake‐caught P≤ 0.001; DFA scores: χ2= 3.97, P


(Kang et al., 2012), 393 NBS-LRR genes very small lesions, 3 = <10%, 5 = 10 whereas Phvul.001G132700, Phvul.001G132

Impact of baseline covariates on the immunogenicity of the 9-

Peru, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, (3) have a post-dose 3 serology result within Small numeric differences in month 7 anti-HPV