detecting target point arrival and vehicle-mounted device

vehicle-mounted device control system - Google FIG. 3 shows a scheme of computing parallax r and a second segment area 112 c, and each

Source Vehicle-mounted COFDM long range wireless 10watt AV

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Automatic Charging Device for an AGV on an Automated

wherein the vehicle-mounted device comprises: RFID read-write coils (109) 3. The automatic charging device as claimed in claim 1, wherein the


An object is to provide the structure of an ECU enabling resin to be filled without deformation of an electronic circuit board. A resin-sealed vehicle-

CA2179198C - Track assembly for vehicle power seat adjuster -

Arrangement or mounting of seats in vehicles therQciprocal, horizontal v~ ~ of the upper trackU59~1121~3 belt to move fore and aft with

system, vehicle-mounted terminal, roadside device - Google

US9135820B2 - Communication system, vehicle-mounted terminal, roadside device FIG. 3 is a block diagram illustrating an example configuration of a

small munitions from an unmanned aerial vehicle - Google

munitions from an unmanned aerial vehicle - GoogleEmray R. GoossenSteven D. MartinezCurrent device to stabilize the gimbaled mount

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Design and Low Oil Consumption Dongfeng Vehicle-mounted

New Design and Low Oil Consumption Dongfeng Vehicle-mounted Crane EQ1032 /cargo truck with crane/For Africa, You can get more details about truck with

Holder Stand Adjustable Alligator Clip Vehicle mounted

Vehicle-mounted Mobile Scaffold Holder Cradle Mount Exxxr (NL) Color: White thanks 25 Jul 5.0 (3) 8 Orders Universal Car Phone Holder

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GB2239639A - Folding tray for a vehicle seat - Google Patents

A folding tray mounted on the head rest supports 9 of a vehicle seat comprises two hinged plates 1 & 2 connected to a saddle 10 by shafts 3 & 4

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US Patent Application for Vehicle Traction Battery Sub-Frame

A vehicle underbody including a rear underbody structure, a rear differential, a sub-frame, and a traction battery is provided. The rear differential is

US20110015817A1 - Optical tracking vehicle control system and

An optical tracking vehicle control system includes a controller adapted for computing vehicle guidance signals and a guidance subsystem adapted for receiving


A position determining unit (<b>4</b><i>a</i>) determines the position of each of wireless communication apparatuses carried into a vehicle cabin on

US5467084A - Vehicle position determining apparatus - Google

Apparatus for determining the position of a mobile vehicle relative to a fixed location marker device which comprises a coil energized to emit a magnetic

transaxle apparatus for a four-wheel driving vehicle and

An articulated vehicle with a wong device has a first frame having a prime mover mounted thereon and supporting a first transaxle apparatus. The first


The present invention relates to a vehicle control device provided in a vehicle and a method of controlling the vehicle. A vehicle control device according

Vehicle-Mounted Devices

RFWEL Wireless Device Database allows you to learn about the wireless radio and connectivity features of end user device and integrated devices (chipsets,

Symbol ® Kiosk and Tablet / Vehicle-Mounted Reset

Symbol ® Kiosk and Tablet / Vehicle-Mounted Soft - Hard - Factory Reset MC32N0-R / S MC3190-Z RFID MC3190-R Workabout Pro 7527-S-

panel 7 inch windows vehicle mount computer on

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PX4Ardupilot(:) -

201745-the specific mounting location on/in the vehicle.(digital control) and guidance 3 Terms and If the device under test (DUT) is used in

BMP-3 - Wikipedia

BMP-3Read in another language Watch this page Edit The BMP-3 is a Soviet and Russian infantry fighting vehicle, successor to the BMP-1 and BMP-2


A launch includes a frame including a platform defining a slot designed to slideably receive a rudder of a fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle. The

BTR-60 - Wikipedia

The BTR-60 is the first vehicle in a series of Soviet eight-wheeled Crew 3 + 14 passengers (original roofless BTR-60P had 2+14 capacity,

EP1077161A2 - Multi-functional on-vehicle camera system and

A multi-functional on-vehicle camera system comprises a plurality of cameras (11-18) mounted on a vehicle and monitors (19-21) each displaying a


Herein is disclosed a floor grinder. The apparatus includes a self propelled vehicle having a driver seat mounted on a top portion and facing a front

Joint Light Tactical Vehicle - Wikipedia

Marine Corps) program to part-replace the Humvee[3] with a family of more survivable vehicles with

- Battery assembly system used for electric vehicle -

A battery assembly system used for an electric vehicle having a configuration in which electrolyte is not released from an exhaust passage even if the