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HFC245ca, HFC245fa, HFC4310, SF6, halon1211, halon1301, and halon2402504 505 7.0 Conclusions 506 Hector reproduces the large-scale couplings and

A 500-kV Circuit Breaker Using SF6 Gas

A 500-kV Circuit Breaker Using SF6 GasCircuit breakersCircuit testingCompressorsCouplingsInterruptersPower transformer insulationReservoirs

fluxes and nitrogen budgets from an ombotrophic bog in

A known concen- tration of SF6 (4.75 nl l−1 (ppb)) was injected Couplings between changes in the climate system and biogeochemistry. In:

TEA CO 2 laser-induced reaction of CH 3 NO 2 with CF 2 HCl: A

stable products like C2H6, NO2, CH4 NO, H2 the modes, different couplings and the pathways. experimentally when SF6 is added to the CF2HCl

Simplest random -satisfiability problem

but with randomized signs of the couplings Jijk.+1 is described by the new meta-stable solutionSF6 gasFederico RicciTersenghiMartin WeigtRiccardo

c. angelié - Analysis of SF6 quasicontinuum states. II

The IR fluorescence data of SF6 excited in its quasicontinuum (QC), reported in paper I [C. Angelié, J. Chem. Phys. 96, 8072 (1992)], are


Addition of inert gases (He, A, N-2 and SF6) increased W-max thus CouplingsLensesLightingPhase shiftersPhased arraysRadar antennasTransmission lines

Structure–Reactivity Relationships of Metalloporphyrin

(QO), or isotropic fermi contact couplings (IFCCO) of the O atom in The order is AlBr4– > AlCl4– > BCl4– > PF6– > AsF6– > SbF6

The phosphorus-31 and metal nuclear magnetic resonance

all of the appropriate two-bond M-P couplings are observed, but the An approxi- + -mate conversion to 1.0M Pb(NO,),(aq) is 8Pb(AsF6

Spectra and the Internal Mobility of SF 6 -, SiF 4 - and

We present an analysis of the couplings originating from different Reuss, Induction effects on IR-predissociation spectra of (SF6)2, (SiF4)

Produo in vitro de metano a partir duas gramíneas

production of grazing steers using the sulphur (SF6) tracer gas technique. Paying for the environmental services of silvopastoral practices in Nicaragua

Optical waveguide arrangement for a high-voltage insulator

positionally stable guidance of the optical (oil, sulfur hexafluoride SF6, foam) present interminal box 3 with optical waveguide couplings 4

ChemInform Abstract: Modern Valence Bond Theory

for example, which is unknown, should not be just as stable as SF6 Even more remarkable are the spin couplings, for these show that orbitals

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Studies of VO2+ in Low-

(VO2+) ion is one of the most stable couplings of nearby magnetic nuclei that cause high pressure SF6/C2H6 plasmaABSTRACT First-