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Smart Heart Beat Rate Pulse Meter JZK002R reading,blood pressure warning and automatic shut Accuracy ±3mmHg/(±0.4kPa)(blood pressure)

Accelerated age‐related cortical thinning in mild traumatic

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WHO | World Health Organization

investment is still lacking and action is needed to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal target 3.4 of reducing premature deaths from


Inferior parietal 4.788 0.03 10.325 0.002 temporal sulcus 6.929 0.01 12.124 0.001 Pericalcarine 2.351 0.128 4.64 0.033


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Oestrogen receptor beta isoform expression in sporadic

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Tabak,3 Amy R. Sewart,3 Alan Stein,4 Morten L. Kringelbach,5 and  Infant neutral 920 −.013 .013 .321 .002 .001 Results of


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Evaluation of grain yield based on digital images of rice

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